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Parents: Please use Home Access Center (HAC) to contact teachers directly.

Students: Please message your teachers using Schoology.

Dr. Oberkehr, Principal: [email protected]

Mrs. O’Brian, Assistant Principal: [email protected]

Ms. Jasper, Assistant Principal: [email protected]

Dr. Sanzo, Assistant Principal: [email protected]

Mrs. Leonard, Career Academy Program Specialist: [email protected]

Mr. Harrison, Athletic Director: [email protected]

Mr. Athanaseas, Maintenance Coordinator: [email protected]

Mrs. Henderson, Registrar: [email protected]

Mr. Beech, Dean: [email protected]

Mr. Stanton, Dean: [email protected]

Mrs. Hunter, Instructional Literacy Coach: [email protected]

Mrs. Healy, Testing Coordinator: [email protected]

Deputy Monie, Youth Resource Officer 

Ms. Saleeby, Executive Secretary: [email protected]   

Ms. Hodge, Bookkeeper: [email protected]

Ms. Bellavista, Athletic Trainer 

Mr. Clark, Technology Support       

Ms. Franzoi, Cafeteria Manager: [email protected]       

Ms. Jutte, Deans’ Assistant              

Mrs. Hughes, Receptionist

Mrs. Riccardi, Attendance Clerk: [email protected]      

Ms. Drayovitch, Registered Nurse: [email protected]

Ms. Mitchell, Computer Operator: [email protected]

Ms. Sheffield, LEA/RtI Clerk

Ms. Kaplan, Guidance Counselor (A – Ed): [email protected]

Ms. Grillo, Guidance Counselor (Eg – Lea): [email protected]

Ms. Ngai-Crim, Guidance Counselor (Leb – Res): [email protected]

To Be Determined, Guidance Counselor (Ret – Z)

Ms. Lee, AP Coordinator (College & Career Planning): [email protected]

Ms. Nightingale, Guidance Secretary: [email protected]

Ms. Alvarez, Gifted Coordinator         

Ms. Killian, School Psychologist

Ms. Coleman, Speech Pathologist

Ms. Mintner, Mental Health Specialist

Ms. Cleary, Social Worker

Mr. Johnson, Department Chair
Ms. Chaker
Ms. Collett           
Ms. Feiser            
Ms. Grysko
Ms. Halter
Ms. Holland
Mr. Kovacs
Ms. Pickard
Mr. Roberts          
Ms. Rolison
Ms. Vigil
Ms. Walsh

Mr. Morris, Department Chair
Mr. Goodenough
Ms. Green
Ms. Heinz
Ms. Hulzebos
Mr. Kirby
Ms. McDaniel
Ms. Meyer
Mr. Miller
Ms. Parlette
Ms. Robinson
Ms. Siewart
Ms. Tybor

Mr. Marks, Department Chair
Mr. Betancur
Mr. Chigounis
Mr. Diab
Ms. M. Goyette
Mr. Hillier
Mr. Holt
Ms. Jackson
Ms. McCarley
Ms. Paddock
Ms. Parker
Ms. VanKourteren
Mr. Veatch
Dr. Xiang

Mr. Weinbrenner, Department Chair
Mr. Casper
Ms. Collazo
Ms. Edwards
Ms. Ewertz
Mr. Finlay
Mr. Getchell
Ms. Garofalo
Mr. Gonzalez
Ms. Healy
Mr. Kessel
Mr. Ore
Mr. Pickard
Ms. Popp
Ms. Rorabaugh

Ms. Conklin, Department Chair
Mr. Conroy
Mr. Crutcher
Mr. Price

Ms. Villalon, Department Chair
Ms. Carpenter-Smith
Dr. Chiclana
Ms. Hudson
Ms. K. Goyette
Ms. Li
Ms. Perry
Ms. Turner


Ms. Reyes, Art, Department Chair
Mr. Consunji, Art
Mr. Lezcano, Music
Ms. Llodra, Art
Mr. Nettle, Drama
Ms. Trimarco, Art

Mr. Cerrato, Department Chair
Ms. Baer
Ms. Conrad, Teacher of Visually Impaired
Ms. Kilpatrick
Ms. Reznick
Ms. White
Ms. Yusckat

Mr. Costello, Information Technology
Mr. Desjardins,  International Business
Dr. Kehoe, Biotechnology
Ms. Lankford, International Marketing
Ms. Smith, International Business and Marketing, Information Technology

Mr. Richards, Media Center Specialist
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Winter

Ms. Bergstol, English
Ms. Chigounis, Math
Ms. Kearney, English
Ms. Tiedeberg, Math