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School Counseling

Mission Statement: School Counselors are here to serve all students regarding academic planning, personal/social challenges and to assist them in planning future education and career choices.

Jennifer Ashenfelder
School Counselor
(Students with last names A-D)


Kimberly Shook
School Counselor
(Students with last names E-K)


Dorrie Lombardi
School Counselor
(Students with last names L-P)

Alyssa Socket
School Counselor
(Students with last names Q-Z)

Jennifer Lee
AP Coordinator
(College and Career Planning)


Kathy Nightingale
Guidance Secretary

Kim Barry
Computer Operator

Daniel Burkert



Each counselor is assigned students by alpha and will follow the students throughout their high school career.

Their professional expertise will lend guidance in selecting courses for the high school schedule, in preparing for a vocation, in choosing a college or an area of study, and for coping with personal problems.

Student counselors have an open-door policy and are available to students anytime they have a quick question or for any crisis. If more time is needed students are encouraged to make an appointment through the guidance secretary.

Students are advised to meet with their counselor a minimum of one time a year to review academic standing and course progression.

Parents are asked to make an appointment if they need to speak with their child’s student counselor in order to provide adequate time to address all questions and concerns.

Information concerning colleges and careers is available for student use in the guidance office and media center. Students should take a “pro-active” role in the college application and financial aid process.

Frequently asked questions

For teacher conferences that involve just one teacher, please contact that teacher directly through email to set up a time that is convenient for both of you.
For conferences that involve more than one teacher, please call Kathy Nightingale. It is recommended that you contact your child’s teacher directly through email before scheduling a conference. Many questions and concerns can be resolved very easily through communication and don’t require a conference.

All 9th, 10th and 11th-grade students and graduates should use the transcript request form and submit it to Kim Barry, Computer Operator.

All current seniors must submit transcript requests through Naviance.

Requesting Midyear Transcripts

This link will take you to the St. Johns County School District website for more information regarding this process.