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Community service is required for the Bright Futures Academic and Medallion Scholars Awards. There is not a service hour requirement for graduation. Don’t wait until your senior year! Start working on your services hours now. Service hours should be submitted on letterhead from the place where you performed your service or complete the Community Service Hours Verification Form. Letters must include your name and number of hours you completed. Remember to make a copy for yourself and turn the forms into your counselor. The counselors advise students to turn in documented community service hours on a yearly basis. Florida Academic Scholars requires 100 hours and Medallion Scholars requires 75 hours of non-paid service to the community through a non-profit organization. All service hours are due to your counselor no later than January of your graduation year.

What qualifies as Community Service?

The following guidelines can help you determine what counts for community service:

  • Service to a government agency
  • Service to a not-for-profit local, national or international organization
  • Service to a school or school organization
  • Service to a religious organization

Some ideas for community service include: Homeless Shelters, Food Banks, Beaches Cleanup, Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House. For other volunteer ideas click here.

Community Service Opportunities