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For information regarding late applications, please visit the District Website:

 Please Note:

As of the application deadline on February 3rd,  The Academies of Ponte Vedra High School had no openings. 

Why Join an Academy?

An Academy is a “school within a high school” that offers structured, personalized learning through career-related, project based classes. Academy students have opportunities to earn college credit through Dual Enrollment classes and industry certifications. Academy students also have opportunities for field studies, classroom industry leader speakers, summer internships which connect them to our community business partners. Academy classes are classified as academic elective courses and students will have the potential to graduate with special distinctions that are unique to Academies

The Academies @ PVHS

The Academy of Biotechnology and Medical Research will seek to engage, excite, and educate students about the promise and challenges of biotechnology through inquiry-based methods of instruction, advanced curriculum, and research-based learning while addressing social and ethical issues in one of Florida’s and the nation’s premier growth industries.

The Academy of International Business and The Academy of International Marketing are two separate and unique programs that  are devoted to providing students with an internationally focused curriculum that will enable them to compete in an increasingly global economy. The curriculum is designed to give students the foundation, insight, and knowledge to conduct the functions of business processes in a global arena.

The Academy of Information Technology will provide students with a foundation of knowledge and technically oriented experiences in the high demand  and increasingly diverse IT field.  Students will receive rigorous and challenging hands-on instruction to be prepared to compete in the industry and pursue further expertise after they leave high school.


Please note that most questions can be found on the District website and the application process is available for any St. Johns County registered student. Additionally, full details and Q&A will be available at the High School Showcase & Academy Open House

January 7th: Middle School Blitz at Landrum Middle School.

January 9th: High School Showcase at World Golf Village (3:30-7:00 pm)

January 9th: Registration Opens in HAC (Students apply in THEIR HAC, not parents’ HAC)

January 21st: Academy Night at PVHS (6:00 pm)

February 3rd: Registration closes (5:00 pm)

February 21st: Acceptances emailed

For more information or questions please contact
Mari Ellen Asplen, Academy Administrator

Current Academy Students

If you intend to leave an Academy at the end of this school year, you must submit an Intent to NOT Return form by February 3rd, 2020.  Beyond the deadline, all others who are in compliance with their Annual Contract, will be considered as returning and schedules will be set for the next school year and students may not change enrollment status after this time.  Students who drop enrollment in the Academies will not be re-admitted to the program.