David Scott, Athletic Director
Office Phone: (904)547.7356
Office Fax: (904)547-7355
eMail: [email protected]

Cody Pontius, ATC
Office Phone: (904)547.7387
Office Fax: (904)547-7355
eMail: [email protected]


This year, Ponte Vedra High School is utilizing School Pay for access to many student activity fees and dues.  The portal is now open to purchase the student all-sport pass.  To access, please visit School Pay and register your account.  The deadline to purchase an all-sport pass is August 14, 2017.

Student participation in multiple sports is highly encouraged by Ponte Vedra High School and our school district.  Participation in two sports in the same season is not permissible, but participation in fall, winter, and spring seasons is available to all athletes.  In the event of an overlap due to transition from one season to another, the athlete must finish out the previous season.  Coaches will make every effort to assist the students who wish to tryout for an upcoming sport with scheduling the two days allowed.  This policy is to minimize the impact on the current sport while still allowing the student to tryout for the upcoming sport.

The ATC is available to students to assist them in preparing for competition and practice. The ATC hours for evaluation and rehabilititation are during all three lunch periods M, Tu, Th, & F from 12:00pm to 2:00pm, and W from 11:25am to 1:19pm. The ATC is also available after school for game and practice preparation.

Since class participation is a significant key to student success, students are NOT ALLOWED to miss class to see the trainer.

Ponte Vedra High School has only one authorized and approved letterman’s jacket supplier. Jackets are offered through Neff. To view the jackets and order, visit Toorder, our password is 066490

All students participating in athletics at Ponte Vedra High School must submit all appropriate forms prior to participation. Any incomplete forms may delay the player’s participation. Please read all forms carefully as there are some areas that require specific details.  Each year, FHSAA updates forms necessary for participation. We will keep a link to the forms on our website listed above under the link for athletic forms (top of the page on the right).

Players participating in sports at Ponte Vedra High School should be covered by the parents private health insurance. In the event there is a lack of parental coverage, or a shortage of coverage, St. Johns County student athletes are covered by “excess accident coverage”. For details on the coverage, please contact our ATC – Cody Pontius.

Ponte Vedra High School is an FHSAA member organization and abides by the rules and regulations governing eligibility and non-recruiting compliance. For a basic overview of requirements of eligibility, please read “EL3 Page 2” and “FHSAA Eligibilty Rules“.  If you are a home education student who resides in the PVHS attendance area, you must complete additional forms to compete at PVHS.  All additional forms (EL7, EL7V signed by SJCSD Home Education Office, transcripts) must be completed in their entirety and submitted prior to the FHSAA Home education deadline to be eligible for participation.

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For an informative look at college recruiting, visit the link below. It may be the best hour you could ever spend learning about recruiting.  For additional details on NCAA eligibility, please contact the NCAA Eligibility Center for assistance.

All You Need to Know About College Athletic Recruiting

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