Faculty & Staff Directory

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Dr. Oberkehr Principal Email Dr. Oberkehr
Mr. Harris Assistant Principal Email Mr. Harris
Mrs. Fonseca Assistant Principal Email Mrs. Fonseca
Mrs. Asplen Academy Administrator Email Mrs. Asplen
Mr. Frank Athletic Director Email Mr. Frank
Mr. Athanaseas Maintenance Coordinator Email Mr. Athanaseas
Mr. Burkert Registrar Email Mr. Burkert
Mr. Beech Dean Email Mr. Beech
Mr. Stanton Dean Email Mr. Stanton
Mrs. O’Brian Instructional Literacy Coach
Mrs. Leonard Testing Coordinator
Mr. Schiffer Youth Resource Officer Email Mr. Schiffer


Ms. Saleeby Executive Secretary Email Ms. Saleeby
Ms. Hodge Bookkeeper Email Ms. Hodge
Mr. Pontius Athletic Trainer Email Mr. Pontius
Mr. Clark Technology Support
Mr. Gumble Cafeteria Manager Email Mr. Gumble
Ms. Jutte Deans’ Assistant
Ms. Gelb Receptionist Email Ms. Gelb
Ms. Morrison Registered Nurse Email Ms. Morrison
Ms. Barry Computer Operator
Ms. Johnson Attendance Clerk Email Ms. Johnson
Mr. Stephens Virtual Lab Assistant


Ms. Ashenfelder Guidance Counselor (A – D) Email Ms. Ashenfelder
Ms. Shook Guidance Counselor (E – K) Email Ms. Shook
Ms. Mitchell Guidance Counselor (L – P) Email Ms. Mitchell
Ms. Socket Guidance Counselor (Q – Z) Email Ms. Socket
Ms. Martinez AP Coordinator (College & Career Planning) Email Ms. Martinez
Ms. Nightingale Guidance Secretary Email Ms. Nightingale
Ms. Alverez Gifted Coordinator


Mr. Richards Media Specialist
Ms. Johnson
Ms. Winter
Media Assistant
Media Assistant


Ms. Knowles English IV,English IV Honors, AP Literature & Composition
Ms. Collett Eng II
Ms. Gaul English I, AP Lit
Ms. Feiser English II, AP Lit
Mr. Johnson English IV, AP Language & Composition, Journalism
Ms. Vigil English III, AP English Language & Literature Composition, Eng IV
Mr. Roberts English II, AP English Language & Literature Composition
Mr. Ayres English III, IV
Ms. Rolison English II, Dual Enrollment, AP Lit
Ms. Walsh English I, II
Ms. Grysko English I
Ms. Rapp English llI, AP Lang


Ms. Barrett PreCalculus,
Ms. Kleiman-Zisser Algebra II, Algebra I
Ms. Tybor Math for College Readiness, Geometry
Ms. Robinson AP Statistics, Algebra II/PreCalculus, AB Calculus
Ms. Heinz AP Calculus AB & BC, AP Statistics, Algebra II Honors
Ms. Audo Algebra I Honors, Algebra1
Ms. Meyer Algebra II Honors, AP Calculus AB
Mr. Morris Geometry, Geometry Honors, PreCalculus
Ms. Leach Geometry, Algebra II
Ms. Cebulski Math Tutor
Ms. Rosatone Math Tutor for Alg 1, Geometry, LAM 1
Mr. Miller Statistics Honors, Geometry
Ms. Ebersberger Algebra I, Geometry
Ms. Green Algebra II, LAM 2
Mr. Goodenough  Algebra I


Mr. Betancur Biology, Anatomy
Ms. Hunter AP Chemistry, Chemistry
Ms. Chandler Marine Science and Biology
Ms. Parker  Marine Science, Environmental Science
Mr. Hillier AP Physics, Anatomy & Physiology
Ms. McCarley  APES, Marine
Ms. Etienne-Leveille Chemistry and Chemistry Honors
Mr. Lyons Biology, Department Chair
Mr. Marks Physical Science
Ms. Goyette Biology, Earth Space Science
Dr. Levy  Chemistry
Mr. Veatch Chemistry, Physics


Mr. Bowers Economics & Government Honors, AP Psychology
Ms. Collazo AP Art History, AP US History
Mr. Finlay World History, World History Honors, World Cultural Geography
Mr. Barnes Economics & Government Honors, AP Psychology
Ms. Popp Government & Economics Honors, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics
Ms. Healy  US History Honors; AP US History
Mr. Pickard AP Human Geography, US History, US History Honors
Mr. Sabado World History, AP World History, Honors World History
Ms. Edwards International Relations Honors, AP Human Geography
Mr. Toblin AP Psychology
Mr. Weinbrenner AP World History, AP Government, AP Comparative Politics
Ms. Rorabaugh Geography, World History
Ms. March  Econ/Gov
Ms. Waler  International Relations, World History


Dr. Chiclana AP Spanish Language and Culture; Dual Enrollment Spanish
Ms. Hudson American Sign Language 1
Ms. Layton American Sign Language II & III
Ms. Carpenter- Smith Latin I, II, III & IV AP Latin
Ms. Li Chinese I, II, III, IV; Plato
 Ms. Blankenship Spanish I, Spanish II
Ms. Turner  Spanish I, II
Ms. Perry Spanish I & II
Ms. Villalon Spanish II & III


Mr. Conroy Weightlifting, P.E
Ms. Conklin Blended HOPE, Dept Chair
Mr. Crutcher P.E


Mr. Nettle Drama, Musical Theater
Ms. Lee Creative Photo, AP 2D Art, Yearbook, Dept Chair
Mr. Consunji Drawing I, II & III, AP Drawing
Ms. Reyes Pottery I, II & III, AP 3D Art
Mr. Reynolds Band, Jazz, AP Music Theory
Ms. Gonzalez  Pottery I,II,III


Mr. Martinez ESE Teacher
Mr. Cerrato ESE Teacher; Dept Chair
Dr. Gaffney ESE Teacher
Ms. Goyette ESE Teacher
Ms. Baer ESE Teacher
Ms. Meyer ESE Teacher
Ms. McKinney ESE paraprofessional
Mr. Gonzalez ESE paraprofessional
Ms. Delpilar ESE paraprofessional
Ms. Sheffield ESE paraprofessional
Mr. Smith ESE paraprofessional
Mr. Gonzalez ESE paraprofessional

The Academies of Ponte Vedra High School

Ms. Kochan The Academy of International Business
Mr. Harrison The Academy of International Marketing
Ms. Broughton-Gray The Academy of International Business and Marketing
Mr. Costello The Academy of Informational Technology
Dr. Kehoe The Academy of Biotechnology and Medical Research