Faculty & Staff Directory


Fred Oberkehr Principal 904.547.7352 [email protected]
Guy Harris Assistant Principal 904.547.7362 [email protected]
Gina Fonseca Assistant Principal 904.547.7354 [email protected]
Eric Frank Athletic Director 904.547.7356 [email protected]
Nick Athanaseas Maintenance Coordinator 904.547.7357 [email protected]
Daniel Burkert Registrar 904.547.7367 [email protected]
Bud Beech Dean 904.547.7363 [email protected]
Tom Stanton Dean 904.547.7372 [email protected]
Mari Ellen Asplen Program Specialist 904.547.7376 [email protected]
Jeannine O’Brian Instructional Literacy Coach 904.547.7379 [email protected]
Deb Hrach Testing Coordinator 904.547.7378 [email protected]
Keith Schiffer Youth Resource Officer 904.547.7372 [email protected]


Joyce Hunter Executive Secretary 904.547.7353 [email protected]
Davita Hodge Bookkeeper 904.547.7368 [email protected]
Cody Pontius Athletic Trainer 904.547.7387 [email protected]
Michael Myers Technology Support [email protected]
Ethan Gumble Cafeteria Manager 904.547.7371 [email protected]
Nicole Jutte Deans’ Assistant 904.547.7364 [email protected]
Susan Gelb Receptionist 904.547.7350 [email protected]
Ann-Marie Morrison Registered Nurse 904.547.7373 [email protected]
Kimberly Barry Computer Operator 904.547.7358 [email protected]
Mario Stephens Virtual Lab Assistant [email protected]


Jennifer Ashenfelder Guidance Counselor (A – D) 904.547.7359 [email protected]
Kimberly Shook Guidance Counselor (E – K) [email protected]
Summer Mitchell Guidance Counselor (L – P) 904.547.7360 [email protected]
Kaitlin Mason Guidance Counselor (Q – Z) 904.547.7382 [email protected]
Kelly Martinez AP Coordinator (College & Career Planning) 904.547.7374 [email protected]
Kathy Nightingale Guidance Secretary 904.547.7366 kathlee[email protected]
Theresa Stevens Gifted Coordinator [email protected]


David Richards Media Specialist 904-547-2308  [email protected]
Sharon Shreve Media Assistant 904-547-2308 [email protected]


Elizabeth Bond English IV,English IV Honors, AP Literature & Composition [email protected]
Tracy Fordham English III, Dual Enrollment, AP Lang. [email protected]
Lee Gaul English I [email protected]
Karen Feiser English III [email protected]
James Johnson English III, AP Language & Composition, Journalism [email protected]
Elizabeth Kasting English III, AP English Language & Literature Composition; Department Chair [email protected]
Dustin Roberts English IV, AP English Language & Literature Composition [email protected]
David Ayres English II, Creative Writing [email protected]
Jodi Rolison English II, Dual Enrollment [email protected]
Brittany Regts English I [email protected]
Erin Grysko English I & II [email protected]
Briana Rapp English ll [email protected]


Patty Barrett Algebra II, PreCalculus, [email protected]
Lindsey Kleiman-Zisser Algebra II, Algebra I, Intensive Math, LAMI [email protected]
Debbie Blake Geometry Honors [email protected]
Lisa M. Tybor LAMII, Math for College Readiness [email protected]
Selena Fryer AP Statistics, Algebra II/PreCalculus, AB Calculus, Math Coach, Department Chair [email protected]
Jennifer Heinz AP Calculus AB & BC, AP Statistics, Algebra II Honors [email protected]
Jessica Lance Algebra I Honors, Algebra1 [email protected]
Michele Meyer Algebra II Honors, AP Calculus AB [email protected]us
Keith Morris Geometry, Geometry Honors, PreCalculus [email protected]
Suzanne Leach Geometry, Algebra II [email protected]
Susan Cebulski Math Tutor [email protected]
Colleen Rosatone Math Tutor for Alg 1, Geometry, LAM 1 [email protected]
Luke Miller Statistics Honors, Geometry [email protected]
Karen Ebersberger Algebra I, Geometry [email protected]
Linda Green Algebra II, LAM 2  [email protected]


Jaime Betancur Biology, Anatomy [email protected]
Randall Blake AP Chemistry, Chemistry [email protected]
Kathryn L. Chandler Marine Science and Biology [email protected]
Kristina Boss [email protected]
Martin Hillier AP Physics, Anatomy & Physiology [email protected]
Angela Hunter Chemistry, Physical Science [email protected]
Valerie Etienne-Leveille Chemistry and Chemistry Honors [email protected]
Steve Lyons Biology, Department Chair [email protected]
Jonathan Marks Physical Science [email protected]
Stephanie Rowe Biology, Earth Space Science [email protected]
Allan Levy [email protected]
Devan Veatch Chemistry, Physics [email protected]


Shane Bowers Economics & Government Honors, AP Psychology [email protected]
Katilyn Collazo AP Art History, AP US History [email protected]
Clint Finlay World History, World History Honors, World Cultural Geography [email protected]
Richard Barnes Economics & Government Honors, AP Psychology [email protected]
Jennifer Popp Government & Economics Honors, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics [email protected]
Cordes Lindow  [email protected]
Caitlin Knowles US History Honors; AP US History [email protected]
Thaddeus Pickard AP Human Geography, US History, US History Honors [email protected]
Philip Sabado World History, AP World History, Honors World History [email protected]
Suzanne Alonzo International Relations Honors, AP Human Geography [email protected]
Matt Toblin AP Psychology [email protected]
John Weinbrenner AP World History, AP Government, AP Comparative Politics, Department Chair [email protected]
Samantha Rorabaugh Geography, World History [email protected]


Arleen Chiclana AP Spanish Language and Culture; Dual Enrollment Spanish [email protected]
Julie Durden American Sign Language 1 [email protected]
Lisa Layton American Sign Language II & III [email protected]
Kathleen Carpenter- Smith Latin I, II, III & IV AP Latin [email protected]
Yan Li Chinese I, II, III, IV; Plato [email protected]
Ruth Lopez-Cortes Spanish I, Spanish II [email protected]
Johanna Newman Spanish III & IV, AP Language and Culture; Department Chair [email protected]
Sara Perry Spanish I & II [email protected]
Ghislaine Rodriquez Spanish II & III [email protected]


Joe Conroy Weightlifting, P.E [email protected]
Katherine Conklin Blended HOPE, Dept Chair [email protected]
Frank Garis P.E [email protected]


Jason Nettle Drama, Musical Theater [email protected]
Jennifer Lee Creative Photo, AP 2D Art, Yearbook, Dept Chair [email protected]
Edwin Consunji Drawing I, II & III, AP Drawing [email protected]
Renee Reyes Pottery I, II & III, AP 3D Art [email protected]
Jermaine L. Reynolds Band, Jazz, AP Music Theory [email protected]
Wade Ross 2D Art [email protected]


Alex Martinez ESE Teacher [email protected]
Charles Cerrato ESE Teacher; Dept Chair [email protected]
Sheray Gaffney ESE Teacher [email protected]
Gordie Rolison ESE Teacher [email protected]
Katie Baer ESE Teacher [email protected]
Jodi Wissing ESE Teacher [email protected]
Brittany Batton ESE Teacher [email protected]
Jocelyn Delpilar ESE paraprofessional [email protected]
Selena Sheffield ESE paraprofessional [email protected]
Kathy Sullivan Tolx ESE paraprofessional [email protected]
Travis Bradford ESE paraprofessional [email protected]
Meredith Cerrato ESE paraprofessional [email protected]

The Academies of Ponte Vedra High School

Chris Kochan The Academy of International Business [email protected]
Marisa Leonard The Academy of International Marketing [email protected]
LaRissa Broughton-Gray The Academy of International Business and Marketing  [email protected]
Michael Costello The Academy of Informational Technology [email protected]
 Kathryn Kehoe The Academy of Biotechnology and Medical Research  [email protected]