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The Foundation for Excellence in Education Report

is a document that compares how the bar has been raised in English and math regarding common core standards with examples at all levels.

A student’s attitude toward being present and on time each day will be a major factor in his/her success. Poor attendance may also result in the revocation of student driving privileges. Parents are reminded that attendance information is available to them on e-SIS and on all report cards. Please monitor your child’s attendance. An illness or other legitimate causes will be excused with the permission of the parent/guardian and the school principal, up to 15 days within the school year. After 15 days of absence – excused or unexcused– a student must have a doctor’s verification for all subsequent absences due to illness.

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to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) is available. Parents who wish to consider course or grade level acceleration should review eligibility criteria and process referenced in the District Student Progression Plan and Parent Resource Guide

Empowering Excellence in Educators
Learn about St. Johns County School District’s new instructional evaluation system that will advance student growth and academic achievement.

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No Child Left Behind
The No Child Left Behind law requires that schools provide parents and community members with school information found in the annual School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) The 2011-2012 report is now available and is accessible three different ways: A hard copy is maintained in the front office of our school for viewing; a WORD version of the report can be requested; and at the link below:

“Know the Law” Guide Book
Know the Law is provided for you by PACT Prevention Coalition, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, the St. Johns County School District and the State Attorney’s Office in hope that it will become a valuable tool for parents or guardians. It is designed to help you know and understand the laws and their consequences as they apply to you. When making decisions about your behavior, you should always take the time to consider the law and weigh the consequences before you act. “Ignorance of the law” is never an acceptable excuse for bad behavior.

043CDBE3-0118C716 View the Know the Law Pamphlet.