1. Where can I get a service form?
    See your advisers for a service form.
  2. How many service hours do I need by the end of the year?
    If you are a new inductee, you need 10 hours by the April monthly meeting from the date you were inducted.
    If you are a continuing member, you need to complete 5 hours Fall semester and 5 hours in the Spring before the April monthly meeting.
    Remember that 2 hours must be completed by helping with the school project that has been selected by your officers.
  3. Can I complete my 10 hours helping with the school wide project?
    Yes, you can serve more than the 2 hours necessary at OPE if you wish to.
  4. Is there an NHS scholarship?
    Yes.  If you are a senior and are interested, see Mrs. Cortés for a form.
  5. When are meetings?
    First Friday of each month in the auditorium.  They begin normally at 8:45 AM but you will be informed if anything changes, via school announcements.
  6. How many meetings can I miss?
    You can only miss 2 but remember you should always have a letter of excuse.
  7. When do I sign in for meetings?
    You will be asked to sign in at the end of the meeting and must arrive on time.  If you arrive the last 10 minutes you will not be considered as present since you have missed the meeting and important information. You can also not sign in after the meeting has been finalized.
  8. What are the requirements to be or stay a member?
    You must be a sophomore, junior, or senior.  You must complete service hours, serve as a leader regardless of having a title, maintain a GPA of 3.75 or higher, and be in at least 2 honors classes or AP classes. Must be active in extra curricular activities and work diligently to keep a clean disciplinary record. Attend all meetings (unless excused).
  9. What happens if I do not abide by the requirements?
    If you fall below GPA, miss 2 monthly meetings unexcused, do not complete certain requirements, or do not demonstrate character, leadership, and service, you will risk being placed on probation.
    If you are placed on probation two semesters consecutively, there will be a hearing with the Faculty Council and advisers to decide your NHS status. If you resign or are dismissed, you will not be permitted to apply again.
  10. How much are the dues?
    A check of $20 must be paid annually along with a contract signed for membership.