Joining NHS @ PVHS

“A candidate is anyone in their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year who fulfills the necessary GPA requirements of 3.75 and must turn in a Candidate application for induction consideration. A candidate must be invited in order to join (apply) and the first eligibility requirement is GPA.”

Please read the following NHS informational letter that explains what you will need with your application.

Informational Letter to Parents about New Standards for applying to NHS

Your application will need to include: three emails (2 from teachers from different subjects and 1 from an administrator, dean or staff member). The emails should confirm that you have no disciplinary record and that you demonstrate the four pillars of the National Honor Society: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. You must ask that the emails be sent to the appropriate advisor according to your last name.     A-M will be Mrs. Lopez-Cortes and N-Z will be Mrs. Alonzo. You should notify staff about sending emails no less than 1 week in advance to the application deadline.

IMPORTANT DATES: (Also on NHS Calendar)

**Due to technical difficulties with confirmation of GPAs, the candidate application process has been delayed and more information is to come.**

Friday, September 22nd                                  NHS Information Table presented at Club Fair during lunches

Friday, October 20th                                        NEW Candidate Applications Released based on 3.75 GPA!

Monday, November 6th                                  NEW Candidate Applications DUE! 

Wed., Nov. 8th- Tues., Nov. 21st                   Faculty Council & Admin. Application Review Period     

Friday, December 1st                                      Invitational Letters for Inducted Members Released!

Friday, December 8th                                     NEW Members Contracts & Dues are DUE!

Thursday, January 11th                                  Induction Ceremony at 6 PM in PVHS auditorium


*Applications will be given to the designated advisor by last name. See above.

*Service in Ocean Palms requires volunteer clearance. See NHS Service Explanation & Cover Sheet Sample 2017-2018.

*NHS New membership service cover sheet for APPLICATION!!! FOR THOSE WHO RECEIVED APPLICATIONS!!

*Once you turn in your application, if you are accepted for induction you will receive a letter, contract, as well as induction response form that you must return by Friday, December 8th to your designated NHS advisor.