Link Crew

What is Link Crew?

Link Crew is a freshman transition program that welcomes incoming freshmen and makes them feel comfortable and supported throughout the first year of their high school experience. Link Crew trains juniors and seniors to support and be positive role models for incoming 9th graders. Incoming sophomores can also join our program.

Student Roles:
Link Leaders – We take approximately 100 juniors and seniors.  They are trained during the summer to  become leaders to a small group of freshmen in which they will mentor throughout the school year. Leaders are responsible to check in with the freshmen, support them in academic and social situations, and continue helping them out in any way.

Link Commissioners – Senior and junior leaders who work directly with the coordinators.  They help with the details and maintenance of the program throughout the school year.

Administrative Team “A-Team” –  These students are sophomores who are interested in applying for the Link Crew Leader position the following school year.  They serve as assistants to the commissioners and coordinators.  They work to support the logistics of orientation for the freshmen and all the activities and events throughout the school year.

Informational Meeting:  Wednesday, March 27th A Lunch or B Lunch, RM 585                       This is for those interested in joining the program and want more information.

(2019-2020) Applications / Teacher Recommendations: March 28th – April 10th  Due:  April 10th no later than 3 P.M.  No exceptions!

Acceptance, Rejection or Waiting List Letters:  Released April 22 through April 30.

Mandatory Dates (No Exceptions): 

  1. May Development Day:  Wed., May 1, 2019 (3-5 pm – Gym)
  2. Link Leader Training Days: Tues., July 30, 2019 (9 am – 4 pm -Gym)
  3. Freshmen Fest Orientation:  Wed., July 31, 2019 (8 am – 12 pm -Gym)
  4. First Day of School:  Mon,. August 12, 2019 (Leaders wear Link Crew T-shirt all day)
  5. Monthly Meetings:  First Tuesday of EVERY month, unless otherwise stated.

Questions? Email Katie Conklin