PVHS Food & Nutrition Services



Mon- Popcorn chicken (chicken nuggets) or bread sticks (Cheese sticks)

Tue- Quesadilla or Cheeseburger

Wed- Hot dog or Mac & cheese

Thurs. – Chicken Sandwich or Corn dogs

Fri- Pizza or Chicken strips

-Every day we will offer a daily vegetable, fruit option, as well as, a vegetarian option for an entrée.

-We also offer a wide variety of Ala Carte options that will vary day-to-day. Some options include:

Teriyaki Chicken bowls $4

BBQ Rib Baskets $5.50

Flame Grilled Burger baskets $5.25

Hotdog Combo basket $3.75

Chicken Tender basket $3.25

Chicken Alfredo $4.00

Cajun Chicken Pasta $4.00

Baked Ziti $4.00

Dill Chicken Sandwich $2.75

Zinger basket $3.00

Premium salad $3.25

Mashed Potato Bowl $4.25

Zaxby’s $4.25 (every Monday)

Papa John’s Pizza $2.50 (every Tues&Friday)

Chick Fila $4.25 (Every Wednesday)

More Ala Carte options will be made throughout the year as well.

Kitchen Staff

Ethan Gumble              Manager

Erik Dayton

Carrie Clark

Diana Laskoskey

Una Savoia

Melissa White

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